Ready to Take Charge of Your Career & Get to the Next Level?
This is the biggest reason professionals fail to create a career they love!
And how YOU can avoid making the same mistake.
Take a deep breath. You're in the right place!
I'll support you towards a thriving career – a place you'd love to be!
So Many Professionals
Are stuck in boring jobs, they hate

Are not making enough money

Are not moving up the career ladder quickly

Have very little influence over their time and workload

Are stuck in jobs that do not fulfil them and are not aligned with who they are

So many professionals today feel powerless at work and do not know how to change their reality.

So many professionals fail to create a career they love because they do not take ACTION.
This doesn't have to be the case for YOU.
What if you could transform your career in 4 sessions?
What if, after 4 simple sessions, you could gain the answers that would allow you to transform your career?

Taking you from being stuck and unhappy in your jobs to creating a career you love. Where you are earning what you want and doing work that inspires and energises you.
Imagine the difference this would make to your life, family and future. Imagine how amazing it would be to feel successful in your career.
This is your opportunity to take ACTION and create a career you love.

This is your opportunity to achieve what you desire.
The truth is: It's hard to be happy in your personal life when you feel lost in your career.

So take ACTION today
The purpose of my coaching is MASTERY.
I will teach you how to master your career and achieve transformation.
Inside my coaching programme you will learn to:

- Find a career aligned with who you are

- To build energy and momentum to achieve your goals

- To develop a career strategy that will change your whole approach to date

- To transform your job search so you see results quickly

- To gain knowledge and the perspective needed to move up the career ladder

- To communicate your unique value in the marketplace, so an employer is excited to work with you

- To execute your career goals so you succeed

- To remove fear, silence negativity and make bigger career moves

- To negotiate your salary so you earn more

and more
I will teach you to Take NEW ACTION and Produce NEW RESULTS.
Success will be evident when what you do reflects what DRIVES you!

Order Now Only : £ 300
The 4-Steps to Your Success
Find Clarity
Build Strategy
Gain Support & Accountability
The goal isn't to find a job. The goal is to create a successful career.

If you are a working professional and want a career that fulfils you intellectually, financially, and emotionally,

  I’ll support you towards a thriving career. 

I will show you what’s stopping you from reaching your career goals. I will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be

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Meet Your Career Coach!
Hi, I'm Eunice.

I'm a Career Coach and the founder of the Workers Journal.

I am passionate about helping you transform your career.

I will teach you how to master your career to you see success quickly.

I have spent years learning lessons and developing systems for success.

My job is to help you win.

I will teach you how to create a career you love.My job is to help you win. I will teach you how to create a career you love.
Who is Career Coaching for?
Order Now Only : £ 300

As soon as your booking is confirmed, you will be invited to schedule your first session with me. 

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a calendar invite where you can choose when you would like your first session. 

If you cancel your booking more than 24 hours before the session starts, you will receive a full refund within ten business days. However, any bookings cancelled less than 24 hours before the session start time will be charged. All cancellations have to be submitted to 

Coaching sessions will take place online via Zoom 

I value the privacy of all my clients. The information you provide will only be used for completing the work required. I will never share your information with anyone else or 3rd parties.

Hey there, Bottom Scroller!
Sceptic? Confused? Unsure if Career Coaching is Right for You?
Think about this
The longer you procrastinate,
the more opportunities you miss, and the wider the gap grows between you and your successful peers.
Not taking action costs you more than you think. 
 Ask me anything, I’m here to help!
YES I am ready to see success in my career

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