Ready to Take Charge of Your Career & Get to the Next Level?
Looking for an answer to 'What career is right for me?' Struggling to find a job you'll love? Feel like your chosen career isn't fit for your talents?
Want a change but don't know where to start or what to do?
Take a deep breath. You're in the right place!
I'll support you towards a thriving career – a place you'd love to be!
Is this You?
Calling all working professionals looking for a change and ready to forge a new career path!

Feeling lost, confused, or stuck in a career, you no longer enjoy? Wondering how you ended up down this career path?

Are you desperately looking for a more meaningful career change but scared to pursue what you want because you don't have a concrete plan to get there?
I feel you.
The truth is: It's hard to be happy in your personal life when you feel miserably lost in your career.
If you are looking to get started with a career that fulfils you intellectually, financially, and emotionally, I can help.
Because let's face it:
The goal isn't just to find a job. But to find the perfect career.
Because what you do should reflect what you LOVE!
If you're here reading this, you're probably not so happy with your current career situation.

But you aren't alone.

Millions of people are stuck in jobs they hate.

Confused, frustrated, looking for a way out…
Unsure how they ended up there in the first place… And how they can get out of it.

After all, you can't just Google "find my dream job" or "what career is best for me?" and get a personalised answer.

That's where career coaching comes in!
If you're looking to get clarity about your ideal career and how you can achieve it, Career Coaching is for you.
Inside my Career Coaching, you'll discover all about your values, strengths, interests, skills, and motivators, so you get a clear vision of the career right for you.

After that, we will devise a concrete action plan to help you get there.
Regular Price :£ 500
Offer Price :£ 300
Here are the 4-Steps of My Coaching Program:
Find Clarity
What’s your vision for your career? We’ll start by uncovering what you want from your career and which career paths are most suited for you.
We will then develop an action plan aligned with your goals and priorities. Each client session is unique and tailored to your needs.
Elevate your CV/resume/cover letters and stand out. We will also focus on your presentation interviewing skills and communication and help you stand out and be more confident.
Support & Accountability
You will get consistent support every step of the way. Moreover, I will also be your accountability partner to help you stay on track.
Here's How Career Coaching Will Help You:
  • Get a Personalised Career Plan. You know what you want from your career but don’t know how to get there. Or maybe you have no clue what you want? In either case, we will help you identify your professional goals and determine your next move.
  • Recognise Your Value. Do you know how valuable your skills are to employers?
    I’ll help you access your skills and knowledge level so you can negotiate a better salary.
  • Plan Your Career. What is your career plan for the next 5 years? Together we will plan out the trajectory of your career that will prepare you for the next steps.
  • Know What You’re Doing Wrong. Don’t repeat your mistakes. Learn what you are doing wrong in your job search and how to correct your mistakes to get your dream job.
  • Be Prepared for the Interviews. Is there anything better than nailing interview questions? I will teach you how effectively answer interview questions and exuberating confidence.
  • Navigate Difficult Career Decisions. Looking to move up the career ladder? We’ll build a strong case for a promotion, prepare you for-performance reviews, or practice salary negotiation strategies.
Don't Take My Word for it. Check out What People are Saying About the Coaching Program:
Meet Your Career Coach!
Hey there!

Hi! My name is Eunice. I'm a career coach and the founder of The Worker's Journal.

I'm passionate about helping people find their true calling in their careers.

I will work with you to discover what's stopping you from reaching your career goals. I will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be

My coaching aims to get hardworking professionals unstuck from their jobs and find meaningful and fulfilling careers they love doing.

Over the past 10 years I've worked within local government, national and international charities creating and delivering programs helping people to make transformational changes.

I have the tools needed to successfully coach people who are stuck and don't know what they want out of life.

And even if they do, they don't know how to get there.

I discovered how to help people move from despair to success while finding meaning and wellness in their careers.

My coaching will guide you to conquer your fears and switch gears to a thriving career by finding an opportunity that aligns with your lifestyle and goals.
Who should take Career Coaching?
Regular Price :£ 500
Offer Price :£ 300

If you cancel your booking more than 24 hours before the session starts, you will receive a full refund within ten business days. However, any bookings cancelled less than 24 hours before the session start time will be charged. All cancellations have to be submitted in writing through the website’s contact form. On the following page

Click this “ADD TO MY ORDER NOW” button and book the sessions.

Yes, of course. The sessions will follow your needs and requirements.

You can expect to have someone listen to your needs, equip you with information, guide you as you take steps forward, and challenge you towards your growth when needed.

Once you purchase a package, I will send you a confirmation message and a booking form.

I value the privacy of all my clients. The information you provide will only be used for completing the work required. I will never share your information with anyone else or 3rd parties.

Hey there, Bottom Scroller!
Sceptic? Confused? Unsure if Career Coaching is Right for You?
If you got this far but aren’t sure if you should connect with me – DO IT ANYWAY!
Message me and ask anything. I’m here to help!

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