How To Beat Boredom at Work

Saturday, August 12, 2023

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How To Beat Boredom At Work 

Beat Boredom At Work 

How do you beat boredom at work when you have been in the same job, with the same organisation for years? Or maybe you are new to an organisation, and you’re still feeling bored at work. You no longer enjoy work, you are unsure what you want to do with your career, so you opt for what feels comfortable. The problem is that you are left feeling bored and uninspired by work and may even wake up dreading going to work in the morning.

This phenomenon is called boredom at work! It can occur to seasoned professionals and newbies alike. And yes, it’s a real thing that can lead to loss of confidence and even depression which is why we all need to learn how to beat boredom at work.


Why You Get Bored at Work

Why do so many of us feel bored at work? We all have days at work when we feel unmotivated to do our job. But boredom at work is so much more than having an off day. As a phenomenon, boredom at work is a real thing and is often a signal that it is time to make a change.

Boredom at work boils down to losing motivation, vision and drive for your job. Because you are no longer learning and growing or given opportunities to use and extend your strengths.

Much of what makes up work today involves doing repetitive tasks day in and day out. Without new opportunities to develop and grow, we all risk experiencing boredom at work. Human beings are innately curious with a deep desire to learn new things.

Therefore remaining in an environment that prevents you from doing so can leave you feeling empty, without purpose, emotionally drained and even depressed, which is why you may feel bored at work. 

How to Avoid Boredom at Work

To avoid boredom at work you need to be able to disrupt yourself at work. This means actively finding ways to challenge yourself and develop new skills and opportunities to use your skills. We experience boredom at work because we do the same things for too long. We do not need to apply much thought, our brains disengage, and we work on autopilot. The best way to avoid boredom at work is by becoming fully engaged, present and challenged by work. It’s about creating opportunities to continuously develop your strengths and step out of your comfort zone.

If you do not learn to avoid boredom at work, you may become identified as unmotivated and risk being fired. Staying bored at work is bad news for your organisation and you. I love using books as a tool to help develop my thinking. One of my favourite books on how to stay engaged and motivated at work is the Seven habits of highly effective people. Find it on audible below.

How to Fight Boredom at Work

You can learn how to fight boredom at work, especially if you feel frustrated, uninspired and unmotivated with your work-life. Please do not ignore this. These feelings do not typically get better with time. And resigning from your job is a temporary fix because if you do not learn how to address the root cause of boredom at work.

There is always a risk of this returning in future roles. Instead, start learning to channel the loss of energy back into something that ignites your passion and enthusiasm for your position. If you want to climb the career ladder, grow and become a leader, you’ll need to be committed to developing your craft.


How to Beat Boredom at Work
If you are serious about beating boredom at work, ask yourself if:

1. Do you want to stay in your role?
Your current organisation is the one you want to stay working for. If the answer is a no, you may want to think about planning your exit.
However, if your current organisation is the one you would like to grow with, then a question you may want to ask is how can I step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself?

2. Am I solving problems?
Beating boredom at work is about being proactive and finding new ways to create change and excitement within your role. You are doing this by connecting your strengths and passions with resolving work-based problems. You are analysing your organisation and looking for what is missing or lacking.
Then you are finding ways to help your organisation address its broader needs while creating a sense of mission and purpose for yourself. This can start as small projects and grow with time.

3. Am I developing new skills?
The most important thing is that being proactive will create a sense of newness, excitement, and responsibility. And will allow you to refocus your strengths, grow your skills and take responsibility for the success of your work. I love using books and platforms like Masterclass to help me develop and gain new skills. Masterclass has over 150 classes available with real-life celebrities and experts ready to teach you how to be better. It offers a great way to gain or build on your skill.

4 And if finding ways to solve workplace problems is not possible, consider:

Consider going for promotions and secondments
Developing new skills to work in other parts of the organisation or changing positions completely.
Consider changing teams and departments
Or maybe you could ask for workplace mentoring.
Work with a coach if you would like help to plan your next career move strategically.
Contact me if you would like support to prepare for a conversation with your employer

Surviving Boredom at Work

Workers typically resign from their jobs within three to five years. And I’m almost sure that the main reason for this is boredom at work and lack of opportunities to grow within their role. This is why I love being proactive as the best approach to surviving boredom at work.

And if managed well, it is a win-win-win for everyone involved. Finding opportunities to solve genuine business needs means you are developing within your role. You are also more likely to be of value to your organisation as they grow. This approach raises the bar for everyone involved. 


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