6 of The Best Questions You Should Ask In A Job Interview

Saturday, August 12, 2023

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The 6 Best Questions You Should Ask During an Interview 

Imagine This Scenario 

You’re interviewing for a position you want with a company you are excited to work for. The interview is going well so far, and you’ve been able to answer all the questions they’ve asked you. And now the interviewer has one more question left and asks if you have any questions for them.

Sweat starts to pour down your face as you are unsure what to ask, especially as you want to leave a positive lasting impression.

I know this scenario will be familiar to so many people because you have come across this question if you’ve been to a professional interview.

But what is the best way to approach and answer this question? And what sort of questions should you ask to seal the deal? If you have ever wondered about this, do not fret. In this blog post, I will be picking apart this scenario and delving deep into how to manage what is usually the final interview question.


Why They Ask This Question?

Interviewing is a conversation, and like all good conversations, both parties should have an opportunity to ask questions. But this is about more than just asking a question. This tactical move allows the interviewer to see your mind at work. Your question demonstrates everything from your priorities, experience, level of interest and commitment to the role. Therefore it is essential to ask the right questions based on the position you are applying for and your skill level.  

How Should You Respond?

You should always respond positively when invited to ask questions and demonstrate an eagerness to know more about the hiring organisation and the position. Your question should strike the right balance between being thoughtful and reflective about the role’s needs and yet excitement to deliver on the role requirements. And gain further understanding about how you can support the organisation to achieve its aims. It would help if you did not use this as an opportunity to ask about company benefits, negotiate the salary or any perks associated with the role. Even though you have the best intentions in the world, this never leaves a positive impression. Instead, any questions about salary or benefits should be negotiated with HR when offered the role.

Here’s What You Should Ask About

Here are the top questions to ask during an interview in no particular order. You would need to tailor the questions to suit any role you are applying for and add industry-specific terms.

1. Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of the role?
This question is essential because it enables you to learn more about the daily requirements of the role. This question highlights what the organisation will expect from you within the role. This helps you make an informed decision about whether this is the right job for you. I like when candidates ask this question because it demonstrates a willingness to see themselves in the role, carrying out the daily responsibilities of the job. This question also gives the impression that a candidate is detail-oriented. And depending on the needs of the role, this might be the right impression for you to portray.

2. If I were successful, what do you think would be my biggest challenge within this role in the next six months?
This is a great question to ask, demonstrating your eagerness to take on a challenge. Asking this question shows that you are not put off by hard work, but instead, you embrace and prepare for hard work in advance. It’s a very courageous question and provides an opportunity for you to reassure the interviewer that you are ready for the challenge and prepared to work hard within the role.

3. Can you tell me more about the team I will be working in? How big are your staff teams, and how are your teams organised and supported?
If you are applying for a role where being part of a team is essential to the role and your ability to carry out the position, then this is a great question.
This question shows a willingness to understand how the organisation is managed internally. As a candidate, you will show that you are interested in understanding how team dynamics operate. As an interviewer, I would be hoping that the candidate can see themselves within this and the role they will play.

4. What are the company’s plans for growth and development?
This is another question I love to receive from candidates. Asking this question shows a candidate who is thinking about the bigger picture and possibly wants to be a player in the company’s future success. This question gives the impression of a candidate who is thinking long-term and hopefully interested in adding value to the organisation.

5. What is it that you enjoy most about your role?
This is an excellent question to ask if you maybe missed an opportunity during the interview to build rapport. People love to talk about themselves. This question encourages the interviewer to be more reflective and open, which can change the interview’s tone and formality, allowing you to re-establish rapport. As a candidate, if you also wanted to highlight more soft skills, hobbies, or qualities not mentioned during the interview. A question like this may also be a great way to allow you to add additional information about yourself.

6. What do you anticipate the top priorities in the role to be in the first 12 months?
This question indicates that a candidate is focused and wants to approach the work in a structured way. If structure and organisation are essential parts of the role, then asking a question like this helps create that impression. This question also indicates that a candidate has leadership potential as leadership skills required within a role include achieving agreed outcomes. Therefore being aware of goals and priorities from the offset is critical.


You have worked hard to land yourself an interview; therefore, as part of your interview preparation, please do not fail to think ahead about the types of questions you may want to ask during the interview process. The question you ask should be strategic and based on the types of roles you are applying for. But also a question that puts you in the best light by creating the right lasting impression. 

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