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I Help Career Professionals To ACE Job Interviews 
So That They Can Land Dream Jobs, Earn More Money and Achieve Career Success.  

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Avoid The Mistakes
Avoid common resume mistakes and see results fast.

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Learn To Prepare Like The Pro's

Job Interview

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Success Leaves Clues 

Resume Success Templates

Build Excellence 

Career Mastery

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Hi, I'm Eunice 

I'm an expert Job Interview Trainer and a qualified Career Coach.
I teach people how to hack the interview process to receive more job offers.
So far this year I have helped hundreds of people successfully hack job interviews and land their dream careers. And I want to help you to do the same. 

As your Job Interview Coach I will teach you everything you need to know about mastering the job interview process. I will teach you how to answer interview questions in a way that gets hiring organisations or recruiters to sit up and notice you.

My method is easy to understand and stress free. 
It doesn't matter your age, background, employment history, confidence level or your experience. I'll teach you to demonstrate your skill, value and impact, showcasing you as an asset to a hiring organisation. I will show you how to position yourself as the only candidate worth hiring.

I specialise in
Panel/ Group Interviews
Interview Presentations 
Face-to-Face/Online Interviews
Assessment Days
Negotiating Your Salary/Contract  
Any Combination  

There is no need to stress about job interviews, follow my proven method and see the job offers come flying in.

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Do You feel nervous and unsure 

                           Answering Interview Questions?


Does This Sound Like You?

- You want to take the next step in your career but hate job interviews.
- You haven't practised how to interview in a long time and feel unsure if you're answering questions correctly.
- You hate trying to sell yourself in an interview, so you get nervous and lose your thought.
- You struggle to demonstrate your skills, experience and explain the value you would bring, so you ramble.
- You struggle to find the best examples to prove your point, so you lose confidence.  

  •  Do you feel like its hard selling yourself and positioning your skills in an interview? 
  • Does it seem confusing understanding the psychology of job interviews and where you can get expert coaching and support? 
  • Are you frustrated by how competitive the jobs market is and unsure what you need to do to get ahead? 
  • And when it comes down to it, do you feel overwhelmed by preparing for jobs interviews and unsure about what you need to do to deliver?

Master The Interview Process

There is no need to hate job interviews, I can teach you how to hack the interview process so you see results quickly. 


Proven Outcomes


" Phenomenal service! Eunice elevated my confidence. I have worked many years with large international brands in London, but I've never felt adequate in any role until my coaching session with Eunice. She's tactful and expresses herself with a level of reassuring conviction. Also, you can trust what she's saying is authentic as she'll call you out and provide constructive feedback. I honestly can't recommend her enough. It's been the best decision I've made in my career. Plus, with the added confidence, I'm looking to sell myself at a higher pay grade than I originally intended."

Samantha UK


"I received multiple job offers! I could not have done it without Eunice's help. She is thorough, professional, and very knowledgeable. She has a solid grasp of the psychology of the hiring manager or human resources personnel. This helped me get into the right mindset and ask myself the right questions before I responded. And let me tell you, I had a long way to go. The pandemic has taken an unbelievable toll on my social skills. Now I am in the position to choose between multiple job opportunities. I am beyond excited and grateful."

Aaron California


" I booked a package of mock interviews with Eunice. I felt confident about my interview because Eunice took the time to break down each question and added clarity and value to my answers. The sessions helped me to think like the interviewer and rephrase my answers to achieve the maximum marks. Eunice was professional, positive, patient and encouraging; I highly recommend her service."

Monique Virgina USA 


All Our Products

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Become a Master  

Job Interview Coaching 

There is no need to hate job interviews or feel nervous about the process. I will teach you how to successfully navigate any job interview. I will teach you how to succeed through the process regardless of the interview type, the industry, your experience or confidence level. 

"A great coach helps you to achieve what seems impossible" - Mariela Dabbah.

Inside this offer, you will learn:

  • ​My strategy for job interview success, so you can build credibility and secure job offers
  •  How to demonstrate value and solve problems so you can increase your earning and salary potential 
  • ​How to effectively communicate your narrative, so you never feel like you are selling yourself in a job interview 
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Build Excellence

Excellence Career Coaching

It's hard to be happy in your personal life when you feel lost in your career. If you want a career that fulfils you intellectually, financially, and emotionally, I will show you what’s stopping you from reaching your career goals. I will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

"The goal is not to find a job, the goal is to create a career you'll love" - Eunice Asante

Inside this offer, you'll discover:

  • ​How to identify your fears and silence negativityso you can find a career aligned with who you are and make bigger career moves
  •  How to develop a unique career strategy, so you can achieve career results quickly 
  • ​How to gain knowledge and the perspective needed  so you can build energy, momentum and execute your career goals
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Success Leaves Clues 

Resume Success Templates 

Don't miss opportunities to demonstrate your value and impact. Don't fall into the resume traps keeping so many people from seeing results. If you are serious about landing your next big job. Your resume must communicate that you are an exceptional and experienced worker who will deliver results. 

"Success will be evident when what you do reflects what drives you" - Eunice Asante 

Inside, this offer we'll show you:

  • ​The blue print for creating a resume that converts to job offers, so you see results quickly
  • How to use keywords to optimise your resume for ATS (application tracking software), giving you the best opportunity to get job offers 
  • How to create a value-based resume, highlighting your key strengths, achievements and skillsso you are positioned to negotiate your salary 
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Learn to Prepare Like The Pro's

How to Ace Your Job Interview -Ebook

If you've ever felt confused by how to prepare for a job and unsure how to use your time effectively, then How to Ace your job Interview is for you. There’s no need to guess your way through job interviews. Learn the secrets to master job interviews and see success. 

This ebook will teach you how to prepare more effectively for job interviews, including presentations, group interviews, online interviews and more. This ebook covers what you need to know for most standard interview scenario and types. 

Inside, this ebook we'll show you:

  • ​How to identify interview scenarios, so you will quickly learn to master job interviews like the pros
  • What you need to know for the most common types of job interviews, so you'll never feel stressed about an interview again
  • ​Common interview questions for based on specific interview types, so you are well prepared for any job interview


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Avoid common resume mistakes save time and see results fast

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